Outdoor (The Beach)

Outdoor events on grass or sand take place at The Beach at Craig Ranch.

Lighted premier sand sports complex

8 sand volleyball/tennis courts or 2 sand soccer fields

7 grass volleyball or grass practice areas for soccer

Outdoor Showers (4 full body and 2 foot)

Outdoor speakers with patio audio jacks for DJ or iPhone

144″ Outdoor screen for football watching parties, movies on the grass, or dance parties.


The Beach offers opportunities for players of all ages and skill levels to play various sand sports, like Sand Volleyball, Sand Soccer, and Sand Tennis, all of which are highlighted below:

Sand Volleyball usually equals doubles play at the Summer Olympics by elite athletes like 3-time gold medalists, Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treanor. But at the grassroots level, sand volleyball is played by kids/teens and adults from beginner to elite in a variety of formats including doubles, 4×4 and 6×6!

Sand Tennis is a volley game (as the ball cannot bounce on the sand!) that combines the fun and fast-paced sport of tennis with the sun and sand and is simple to play and fun for all ages.

Sand Soccer, with an emphasis on agility, stamina, finesse, speed, footwork, and fun, encourages a high level of fitness that comes from running continuously on the sand, a surface less stable than turf plus better conditioning in the players’ legs. The game is played on a smaller field allowing players to shoot from anywhere, resulting in a fast-paced game. The movement and passing of the ball are vastly different from regular soccer due to the sand’s unpredictability. While sand soccer is quite different in play and strategy than regular soccer, playing it makes a better soccer player with the development of unique skills.


The Beach is a great place for non-sand activities too like CORNHOLE and BOCCE BALL that can be played in our large grass area.