Volleyball Leagues – Adult

Sand Volleyball Leagues for Adults are offered Sunday thru Thursday at The Beach at Craig Ranch and Indoor Volleyball Leagues for Adults are offered Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at The Sports Cabana or The SC,  and include:

  • 5 weeks of match play with play-off tournament the 6th week – ALL TEAMS qualify except when noted.
  • Leagues are self-reffed but League Coordinator on-site (sand league rules or indoor league rules, inc estimated game start times)
  • Champions receive t-shirts; 2nd Place round of drinks at Bermuda’s!
  • Can ADD teams up to 2nd week with same number of games or Pro Rate if join in 3rd week!!


If want to play but need a team, signup for a King/Queen format or Contact Us and we can add you to The Beach Fit Crew team or another team looking for players.  

Leagues Offered

Divisions by Skill Level of A, BB, B, or Rec  (descriptions)

  • Coed – Teams must have at least 1 woman on court and 4 or less men for 6×6.  Coed Rule enforced
  • Semi-Coed  Teams must have at least 1 woman on court and 4 or less men for 6×6.  Coed Rule NOT enforced 
  • Open Gender – Teams can have any combination of men and women including all men and all women
  • Reverse Coed – Same as coed except net is at women’s height and the guys cannot block nor hit unless behind 10 foot line.
  • Daily Double  –  Play in 2 different leagues on same night with complimentary schedules.  Will play 5 matches in each league  PLUS 2 play-off tournaments over 7 weeks
  • Combo –  Play indoor and outdoor on same night with complimentary schedules.  Will be noted below.  Will play 5 matches on each surface PLUS 2 play-off tournaments over 7 weeks
  • King or Queen  – Sign-up  individually and get matched with different players each week.
Next Sessions
(weather may extend/delay sand sessions)
SundayIndoor4x4 Coed10/29/17-12/03/17
TuesdaySand4x4 Semi-Coed, OG10/03/17-11/07/17
WednesdaySand4x4 Open Gender10/04/17-11/08/17
ThursdaySand4x4 Open Gender09/28/17-11/02/17
FridayIndoor6x6 Semi-Coed or 4x4 Semi-Coed10/27/17-12/01/17

League Fees

Fees for Adult teams in table below includes all applicable sales and use tax.

League Type
(Max 2)
(Max 6)
(Max 8)
Daily Double (Sand)
King/Queen (individual)